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Client Recommendations

Christopher Willson

I recommend everyone looking for a high end home in the Los Angeles area to my dear friend Christophe Choo he is the finest in the real estate world.

Katie Roberts

I recommend Christophe Choo. He is very professional and great at what is does. The best in LA.


Christophe Choo is Remarkable! Several years ago my husband and I found our dream home and as a result we had the incredible experience of meeting Christophe Choo. Now he and his wife Gabrielle are like family. Christophe changed our lives when we bought our house and made what seemed impossible - our reality. He also sold our old house quickly, in spite of many complicated problems. We were so impressed with his knowledge, creativity and honesty throughout both transactions. There are tons of real estate agents but none will impress you as much as Christophe Choo. I give you my word! Pam Roberts, Beverlywood, CA


I am very lucky to have found Christophe. He sold my home in 17 days, from offer to closing. His knowledge of the market is unparalleled and he and his team are personable, understanding and professional and took care of my needs wonderfully. I can say that he is, unequivocally, the BEST in the business. Thank you so much Christophe, and if I'm in the market again for buying or selling, you are the only broker I would consider.


Very responsible and to be fully trusted. Extremely efficient and always available to advice and help. Deep inside knowledge of the market that makes a sell or a purchase viable and secure. We are recommending Christophe Choo with our highest degree of enthusiasm. In our future plans to sell or buy another home he would be our choice..


I met Christophe a little more than a year ago when I was looking for Beverly Hills real estate market news. I have been nothing but impressed with his service and care. He is someone I will definitely be referring to my friends and family. And he has a great team!


Thank you very much Christophe for doing such an amazing job with my clients I sent your way. They were so impressed with your team and how well you handled every detail of their move. They just love their new home and really appreciated all of your help. Whenever I have a client moving down south, you know I would always call you first. Thanks again!! Lisa Doyle J. Rockcliff Realtors in the Bay Area


When it comes to Beverly Hills real estate, Christophe is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. His expertise, service and professional approach will have me recommending him for years to come. Thank you for time, patience and finding me my dream home!


I highly recommended Christophe Choo and his team.

Sam S.

Christophe Choo is in a league of his own in terms of his professionalism and expertise in the field of real estate. I have full confidence in his abilities to achieve optimal results with either the sale or purchase of a property.

It is official, we are #7 out of 45,000 sales associated in the NRT Chain of Companies.

John Jay

Devonna Meyer

Lisa Doyle


Very responsible and to be fully trusted. Extremely efficient and always available to advice and help. Deep inside knowledge of the market that makes a sell or a purchase viable and secure. We are recommending Christophe Choo with our highest degree of enthusiasm. In our future plans to sell or buy another home he would be our choice..

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Benardout



Our experience in engaging the assistance of Christophe Choo was truly a very wise selection. Having had the experience of employing the services of a international and noted real estate company in selling our property it was clear that after six months, they couldn't achieve the objective.


Christophe, during his tenure as selling agent, proved to be a pragmatic and well-informed operator. His agency skills matched with his elegant demeanor highlighted his adept and knowledgeable market awareness. Exercising every component, he managed to obtain a great offer and sale within one month of his efforts. The deal was smooth and although at times hampered by awkward persona connected to the transaction, he managed the process very well and was eloquent in all verbal and written activity.


Christophe also showed complete resolve and controlled procedure in all aspects of the arrangement. There were always timely and efficient stage by stage conclusions to the sale as required by the State and industry regulations.


The emphasis on Christophe's ability to carry off a deal in a quintessential manner in very difficult economic times is a revelation of his expertise, etiquette and undoubted business endeavor. He would be an asset to any person seeking his assistance and should always be considered for the employment of his property agency services.




Meredith Silver

“I had my home listed for sale for $1,500,000 with another broker for 6 months. They did no marketing and couldn’t sell it. I met Christophe Choo, he listed my home and SOLD IT THE FIRST DAY ON THE MARKET to his own buyer for exactly the price I wanted! I will refer him to everyone I know! He is the BEST!”

Pam Roberts

To Whom It May Concern,


Several years ago my husband and I found our dream home in Beverlywood. As a result we had the incredible experience of meeting Christophe Choo. He was the real estate agent for the property we now own. Since then, he and his wife Gabrielle have become part of our extended family.


Christophe changed our lives when we bought our house and made what seemed impossible - our reality.


He also sold our old house quickly, in spite of many complicated problems. We were so impressed with his knowledge, creativity and honesty throughout both transactions.


There are a lot of real estate agents out there. I assure you, none of them will exceed all your expectations like Christophe Choo.


I give you my word!




Pam Roberts

Jack Horowitz

“I am writing to congratulate you in your quick success in selling my property. I know it could not have been accomplished without a lot of effort on your part. I had two other agents working on the listing before I contacted you and none of those agents brought me any offers over a period of six months. Your quick work in selling the property is greatly appreciated. Thank you again!”

Patrick & Mary Moise

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2. How would you rate my performance? EXCELLENT




4. What DIDN'T we do for you that would have helped you out? Ø


5. May we use you as a reference in the future? YES

Joe Hertzberg and Nancy Bears

“Christophe stayed in touch with us faithfully. We spoke with him at least weekly, sometimes daily. He sent copies of advertising he published each week, and we always felt we knew what was going on with the sale, which was very important being we lived out of state. Christophe was remarkable patient and persistent during a time when the market in L.A. was in a serious low for a seller. He remained upbeat and optimistic throughout and always had new enthusiasm and ideas for marketing the property. He was a joy to work with. The transaction went smoothly, and I attribute our success to Christophe’s winning combination of perseverance, helpfulness and charm.”

Diane Solar

Dear Christophe,


We would like to take this time to let you know how much we appreciate the representation you gave us in the sale of our property. As you know, this was an emotional time for us as this home had been in our family for over forty years.


We feel that only through your diligence and professionalism was this sale brought to fruition. You made yourself available at all times answering questions - keeping us informed on all pertinent matters - having a sympathetic ear when needed. Through your determination and an exceptional professional attitude, you guided us through the completion of this sale.


We would confidently refer you to anyone looking for representation. You did a masterful job! Thank you once again!




Diane Soler and Joan Ott

Donald and Karen Simmons

To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing this letter to highly recommend Christophe Choo of Colwell Banker. My wife and I were trustees for a home that has been in our family for many years located at 9515 Cresta Drive. When we decided to list the property, we interviewed Christophe and were extremely impressed with his caring, his track record and thorough marketing plan. My wife and I were living in San Diego at the time, being several hours away from the property we had numerous concerns of how we would manage the getting the house ready for sale. The house had some deferred maintenance and was in need of landscaping and other preparation to be sold and we were very concerned with taking care of those things so far away and not having any contacts for contractors, landscapers etc... in the area.


Fortunately when we met Christophe he immediately, wrote a list of suggested improvements to the property and said he would be happy to take care of getting estimates, working with the various contractors and coordinating and overseeing the work. We were very confident with his proposal as well as his qualifications and decided to list with him versus the other agents we had met. Christophe offered us two options, we could sell the home in it's AS IS condition without doing any work, or we could do some interior, and exterior painting, removing carpets, re-doing the hardwood floors and some landscaping, Christophe informed us that by spending $20,000 on these improvements we would receive an additional $100,000 on the sales price.


Christophe did exactly as he said he would, he provided us with 3 estimates for each item we were planning to do, we approved of his suggested contractors and he took care of the rest. We didn't even have to go to the property once during the two weeks it took Christophe and his crew to get the house ready for sale. Once the work was completed we came to Los Angeles to see the final product. Wow, the house looked amazing and showed beautifully.


Christophe launched the house for sale and within 3 days we had two competing buyers and the house sold for the FULL ASKING PRICE and he even sold it to his own buyer. Considering he had prepared the house so well, did such terrific ads and marketing we weren't surprised. It was a smooth and worry free escrow and we closed in 30 days from when we accepted the offer.


I can't say enough about Christophe skills, professionalism, follow through and for keeping us so well informed throughout the entire process. We felt very secure and had peace of mind knowing he was in charge of handling all of the details for us. We recommend him so very highly and would use his services again and again for all of our real estate needs.


Many thanks.


Donald Simons

Kenneth Slepyan

“I am very pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Christophe Choo. Because of his skill and expertise Christophe enabled my family to sell a home successfully, even though the principal owners lived in another state, and even more importantly, in a housing market that was transitioning from a seller’s to a buyer’s market. Despite these potential pitfalls, the house was sold about a week after it was put on the market, and closed in a month. All of the other members of my family and I are extremely pleased with the result. Christophe Choo is a model of expertise and integrity and is an outstanding real estate professional.


My uncle, who owned 2/3 of the house, died in February 2006. He designated me to be the executor of his estate, even though I live in Kentucky. Another uncle, who used the house as a part-time residence, held the remaining share. As the will stipulated that the house had to be sold, we had to find a realtor. We looked at several realtors, but Christophe impressed all of us with his knowledge of the area (West L. A./Beverlywood), his experience, his tact, and the detailed plan he presented us for selling the house, which he formulated even before we took him on as realtor. He also was experienced in selling houses whose primary owners lived far away. His combination of enthusiasm and knowledge convinced us all that he was the right person for the job.


Before putting the house up for sale, Christophe worked very hard to present it to its greatest advantage in order to command the highest possible price. He made some modest landscaping improvements in both the front and backyards, which significantly enhanced the look of the property. He also worked very diligently to ensure that all the plumbing, lighting, and electrical fixtures were in good shape. I should add that Christophe hired the repairmen and landscapers and oversaw their work, and he made sure that the cost of these improvements was modest even as they added significantly to the value of the property. Christophe also put in a great deal of time, care, and expertise in photographing the house for the promotional brochures and a spectacular web-site.


We put the house on the market in the middle of June, just as the market was changing to a buyer’s market. Due to the success of his marketing campaign, the open house Christophe held was wildly successful. Out of this open house came two competing bids. Although both bids were under the asking price which we had formulated from a seller’s market perspective, Christophe was able to increase their bids, and was able to secure an agreement with the eventual buyer a week after the initial open house. The significance of this achievement should not be understated: at this time houses were remaining on the market for weeks at a time; in only one week, Christophe secured a sale well within our target price range. Again, this was due to his expertise in marketing and presenting the house, and his skill in negotiating with the buyer and the buyer’s agent. Because of his experience and knowledge of the industry I felt confident in following his advice, and as I today (August 2006) read and hear more about the downturn in the real estate market, I feel very fortunate that I did so.


But Christophe’s role during the escrow process was perhaps even more crucial. He dealt with the various inspectors and the escrow agents. He patiently helped with the filling out of the documents. He advised us in negotiations with the buyers when the inspectors found some structural problems in the house of which we had been unaware. He cleared up some miscommunication between my uncle and the buyers about whether a certain piece of kitchen furniture was to be included in the sale or not. He even helped my uncle clear out the house in the final days before the buyer was scheduled to move in! (I again must stress that during this entire process I was in Kentucky.) Christophe undertook all these tasks cheerfully and enthusiastically, and, because of his assistance, I never had any doubts about successfully completing the final stages of the process.


Finally, I would like to comment on Christophe’s interpersonal skills. Selling a house can be a difficult thing for a family to do, especially after the loss of a loved one, and when the interests of the family members involved do not always coincide. Christophe handled this aspect of the selling process with unequalled aplomb. He negotiated not only on our behalf with the buyers, but he also ensured that all interested members of my family were informed and on-board with the selling strategy, the negotiations, and the escrow process. That all my family members (some of whom, frankly, can be quite difficult) are very happy with how the house was sold is a testament to Christophe’s tact and negotiating abilities.


I cannot be more pleased about the outcome of this sale, and I feel extremely fortunate that we chose Christophe to represent us. I cannot endorse him strongly enough. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or telephone.




Kenneth Slepyan”

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