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Christophe is passionate, knowledgeable and extremely hard working. He was our agent when buying our home and I have also seen him in action while selling homes. He will do whatever it takes to help his clients get the best deal possible and to provide them with a pleasant buying or selling experience. Christophe is hands-on and he goes above and beyond what is required of him. He knows what people are looking for and knows how to present properties in the best possible light. He is easy to work with because he has such a great attitude - about life and about his job. He is a genuinely positive person and that makes any business endeavor that much more enjoyable.

Ruvo Reps

Christophe is at the top of his game. From getting us to paint, stage, remove, streamline our home had 16 offers in 3 days. Then the easiest escrow with everything in place - I mean everything, fell out in a crashing manner that had nothing to do with Christophe, financing, the home ~ it was a family issue at the 11th hour that canceled the deal. Fortunately there was a back up offer - if I told you all what went on during the second escrow, btw, all above asking, you would not believe it. Christophe and his team oversaw EVERYTHING - I could write a book on what happen - bottom line - it all ended with a lot of happy people on all sides of the table!


Christophe went way beyond what most realtors would do to sell our property for a price much higher that we thought we would receive. Our experience with him could not have been better.


Very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable of the market. Extremely responsible and accurate in the projections. Dedicated and always on top and an outstanding communicator.

“Betty Graham, President of Coldwell Banker Previews, recommends me after I sold her condo in 5 days representing both the buyer and seller!”

“A fun conversation with Mr. & Mrs. Yi who’s home I sold in 5 days with 9 offers and for close to 10% over asking price, while a another agent failed to get the job done!”

Another satisfied customer, Demetra Natsis at her new dream home in Bel Air, California.

Dr. Sam Saleh, DDS., BDS.

Dear Christophe,


I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.


Details of the Recommendation: "Christophe is in a league of his own within his industry."


Service Category: Real Estate Agent


Year first hired: 2014


Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

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Peter G.

In the finest neighborhoods that Los Angeles has to offer, Christophe Choo, is ubiquitous with high end real estate. To mention one without the other is unlikely. His talent for the job is the reason his name is forever bandied about in the media. As for his character, the grace and generosity he shows to small business is unmatched. And any home service company in his favor goin to do whatever it takes to remain there. His loyalty and support border on altruism. And Mapleton.


Truly a class act.

Brett R.

When you're looking to buy or sell real estate in Beverly Hills, only one name should come to mind. Christophe Choo. Christophe does two things, shops and works. And while he's shopping, he's working.


Whether it's $600,000 properties or $16,000,000 celebrity compounds he does it all.


After working on multiple properties with him, I've realized that he takes care and pride and a personal relationship with any all clients and utilized his negotiation and phenomenal marketing skills to obtain top dollar and the best value.


Melissa M.

Christophe is a well known Real Estate Professional with an outstanding reputation. He is dedicated and passionate about what he does. I highly recommend working with this team!

Sun L.

Knows what he is doing for luxury real estate in Beverly Hills. He is also one of those agents who keep up with technology so his information is precise. He even has a youtube channel and facebook! That is way above most realtors.

Michael P.

I am very skeptical when it comes to real estate agents and their ability and willingness to truly work hard on selling your property once they have you as a client. Christophe was the first agent that not only backed what he said in his original presentation to us but also continued to impress us throughout the process. If you are looking for someone who simply puts a few real estate adds in the usual places, holds a few open houses and then sits and waits for the phone to ring, Christophe is not your guy. Conversely, if you want someone extremely knowledgeable when it comes to selling your property in this economy, someone who uses digital and social media to its fullest potential and someone who is a straight forward, detail oriented and smart forward, detail oriented and smart, then I highly recommend Christophe.

Jesse P.

Christophe is the most knowledgeable agent in the Beverly Hills area!...Hands down he is the agent you need to help you sell your home in the area. I'm an agent serving the Friendly Hills area of Whittier and have followed Christophe on Facebook just to lean from the best of the best...Can't thank you enough Christophe!

Susan Y.

Christophe helped me find my new home when relocating to Boston. He was great at listening to what I was looking for and developing a plan to get me there! He was attentive to my specific desires and we found the perfect place in a very short period of time. He was great with the buying process and I would recommend him in a heartbeat! Love my new home :)

Sam S.

Christophe Choo is in a league of his own in terms of his professionalism and expertise in the field of real estate. I have full confidence in his abilities to achieve optimal results with either the sale or purchase of a property.

Kara S.

Christophe has represented myself and my family on multiple transactions. He is by far the best and most professional agent in town. I would give him 10 stars if i could.

Donald Simons

To Whom It May Concern


I am writing this letter to highly recommend Christophe Choo of Colwell Banker. My wife and I were trustees for a home that has been in our family for many years located at 9515 Cresta Drive. When we decided to list the property, we interviewed Christophe and were extremely impressed with his caring, his track record and thorough marketing plan. My wife and I were living in San Diego at the time, being several hours away from the property we had numerous concerns of how we would manage the getting the house ready for sale. The house had some deferred maintenance and was in need of landscaping and other preparation to be sold and we were very concerned with taking care of those things so far away and not having any contacts for contractors, landscapers età in the area.


Fortunately when we met Christophe he immediately, wrote a list of suggested improvements to the property and said he would be happy to take care of getting estimates working with the various contractors and coordinating and overseeing the work. We were very confident with his proposal as well as his qualifications and decided to list with him versus the other agents we had met. Christophe offered us two options, we could sell the home in it's ASIS condition with out doing any work, or we could do some interior and exterior painting, removing carpets, re doing the hardwood floors and some landscaping. Christophe informed us that by spending $20,000 on these improvements we would receive an additional $100.000 on the sales price.


Christophe did exactly as he said he would he provided us with 3 estimates for each item we were planning to do we approved of his suggested contractors and he took care of the rest. We didn't even have to go to the property once during the two weeks it took Christophe and his crew to get the house ready for sale. Once the work was completed we came to Los Angeles to see the final product. Wow, the house looked amazing and showed beautifully.


Christophe launched the house for sale and within 3 days we had two competing buyers and the house sold for the FULL ASKING PRICE and he even sold it to his own buyer. Considering he had prepared the house so well, did such terrificads and marketing we weren't surprised. It was a smooth and worry free escrow and we dosed in 30 days from when we accepted the offer.


I can't say enough about Christophe skills, professionalism, follow through and for keeping us so well informed throughout the entire process. We felt very secure and had peace of mind knowing he was in charge of handling all of the details for us. We recommend him so very highly and would use his services again and again for all of our real estate needs.


Many thanks

Donald Simons

James Scwartz

He is so smart and really knows the market very well. One of the very best.

Wendy Tyler

I have had the pleasure of knowing Christophe Choo since 1999. As a fellow Real Estate Professional I would strongly recommend him to any principal interested in high end properties for purchase or resale. Christophe has an extensive knowledge of the business, maintains the highest level of professionalism, and a stellar dedication to his clientele. It is with the highest regard I recommend Christophe Choo.

Cathy Brown

I've know Christophe Choo since he began his career in Hancock was my pleasure to work with him and I appreciate his level of commitment to service and professionalism. Plus he makes everything fun! he is one in a million!

Marie Tello

It is with great confidence that I recommend Christophe Choo to all of my family and friends! He is what honest and effective is. He is friendly, Professional and very Passionate about his business! Christophe has been an inspiration to me in my business and personal life.

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