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Why Selling Your Los Angeles or Beverly Hills Home Before the New Year Could Be Your Best Move.

Why Selling Your Los Angeles or Beverly Hills Home Before the New Year Could Be Your Best Move.

By Christophe Choo Posted Nov 06, 2023 Beverly Hills, Latest Updates, Market Activity, Real Estate Advice for Buyers & Sellers, What I'm Reading

Why Selling Your Los Angeles or Beverly Hills Home Before the New Year Could Be Your Best Move | Christophe Choo at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is Your Local Real Estate Expert.

As the festive lights of Beverly Hills begin to twinkle and the Los Angeles skyline mirrors the sunset's golden hues, homeowners might ponder the perfect time to list their properties. While waiting until after the holiday cheer has quieted down seems logical, here are compelling reasons why putting your Los Angeles or Beverly Hills home on the market before the New Year might just be the strategic move to make.

Capitalize on the Exclusive Los Angeles Market

Los Angeles' real estate landscape, especially in exclusive neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, operates on its unique tempo. With a year-round demand for luxury homes, the end of the year can be a golden window of opportunity. High-net-worth individuals looking to invest before the year's close for tax purposes or international buyers aiming to settle in sunny California by New Year's make this period surprisingly active.

Stand Out in Beverly Hills' Prestigious Real Estate Circle

In Beverly Hills, where opulent homes grace every block, standing out is key. The end-of-year quiet means less competition, allowing your property to shine. Prospective buyers dreaming of a Beverly Hills address are not deterred by the holidays; in fact, the seasonal charm of Rodeo Drive adorned in its holiday finest might just be the added allure that tips scales in your favor.

Meet Buyers Eager to Experience LA's Charms

In Los Angeles, the city that always moves, the real estate market seldom sleeps. Even as winter approaches, buyers, particularly those relocating for the entertainment and tech industry jobs or escaping colder climates, are on a proactive search for their LA sanctuary. Your listing will stand out as a beacon for those eager to start their new year in a new home.

Leverage Your Equity in a Top-Tier Market

In the illustrious neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, equity growth can be significant. CoreLogic reports an average equity increase that could substantially offset your next dream home's down payment, particularly in these prime markets where property values continue to appreciate.

Utilize Year-End Motivation for a Timely Sale

Remember, buyers in the market during this time are often more serious. With fewer listings to distract them, your Los Angeles or Beverly Hills home will receive undivided attention, potentially leading to more immediate offers. Investopedia underscores this, noting that winter buyers are typically ready to move swiftly.


Your decision to list your Los Angeles or Beverly Hills home before the New Year isn't just about a timely sale; it's about smart positioning in a distinct market. The exclusive zip codes of 90210 and beyond are perennially attractive, offering year-end advantages you don't want to miss. Let a seasoned real estate expert guide you through these unique benefits. With less competition, serious buyers on the lookout, and the leverage of your home's equity, the holiday season might just be your ideal time to sell.

Reach out to an agent who understands the nuances of Los Angeles' prestigious real estate market, and let's make your transition before the year ends as seamless as the LA skyline merging into Pacific waters.

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