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Tips For Selling Luxury Condos in Prime Los Angeles & Getting the Unit Ready to Hit the Market #LA

Tips For Selling Luxury Condos in Prime Los Angeles & Getting the Unit Ready to Hit the Market #LA

By Christophe Choo Posted Jan 11, 2022 Beverly Hills, Latest Updates, Listings Not Yet On The MLS, My listings, Videos

Tips For Selling Luxury Condos in Prime Los Angeles & Getting the Unit Ready to Hit the Market

The before tour of this gorgeous approximately 2,000 SF condo in the upscale gated Century Hill in beautiful Century Hill right off the border of Beverly Hills, California.

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Christophe Choo Luxury Real Estate Series - Beverly Hills & Los Angeles CA


Hi, everyone.

This is not an actual formal house tour,

this is a

what we're doing to get this unit

ready for market tour,

which is a little bit different

than what I do before.

So this is a unit that my clients own.

Currently here at Century Hill

at Century City,

one of the top condo

building complexes here

in the middle of Century City,

literally right on the border

of Beverly Hills.

He bought another larger unit

in the building a two story,

so now they're selling

this single level unit.

So what we're are doing

in this particular case

to get the unit ready for

market are a few things.

Number one, we were having,

we had all the wood floors

sanded, refinished,

which is great with wood

floors are really beautiful.

they just finished sanding.

And I'll show you shortly,

but we're now going

to pick the color for the floors

after we do that

and they actual finish

the colors of the floors

and finish the wood floors

we're then going to have

everything painted.

It's always good to have

a fresh coat of paint

on all the walls and ceilings

so really sharp and fresh

and really nice.

Next thing we do is having it cleaned.

Obviously, this kitchen is it.

It's a gorgeous kitchen,

but it needs to be cleaned, right?

Nobody wants to come to a house

with a messy and dirty kitchen.

So this is going to be clean

and look really,

really nice once it's done.

We have a really terrific

professional cleaning crew.

They usually bring in

three to four different

workers to come and clean the place,

including windows,

doorknobs inside the cabinets,

because when you're buying a place,

you know, whatever

the price range, you want it to be

fresh and clean, right?

And we're also going

to have Meredith Baer

who is the number one

stager in America

stage this unit,

and it's going to be beautiful.

We're going to do kind

of a contemporary transitional look,

an elegant, upscale

kind of feeling to it.

And it's going to really look good.

This unit is just under 2000 square feet

and we're coming to

market with $1,495,000

It's a two bedroom, two and a half bath.

And it's here again

in this Century,

still Century Hill

complex here in Century City.

And one of the things we did

today is coming to pick

the wood floor samples.

So I had the crew

put together 4 basic color stains

based on what I was thinking I wanted.

And I did that so I could look at it

in harmony here with the actual door

and see how it looks together.

So I've gone through it.

I made my selection

Derek from my team made his selection,

and the owner also gave his input

and we all came up with the same choice.

So I can't tell you right now

what it is because I

wait until you see it

fully done and finished,

but it's always more exciting

to see something

when it's all done and finished.

So the reason we do all this,

and first of all,

we do oversee the project.

We help our clients get the contractors,

the painters, the stagers, the cleaning

crews, everything

and we maintain it and we handle it

so they don't have to worry about it.

And alot of my clients

live out of country or out of the area,

so that's just one

of the service as we do.

So you just give us the keys.

You agree to all of

the fees and the costs

for the different things

we're going to have done for you.

And then we make sure it gets done

and it looks perfect.

So the next time

you see me in this video,

you're going to see a gorgeous unit

repainted beautiful wood floors

and professional stage by Meredith Baer

and we go through

all this extra effort for two reasons.

Number one, it's going to get myself

the highest possible price

and will help the units sell more quickly

Because the more

you have that emotional feeling created

when you walk in the door

and the buyer goes, Wow,

I love the way this looks.

That's what's going to

make them buy the place.

And that emotional feeling

will help you as a seller

get the highest possible price.

So I'm Christoph Choo

with Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills.

We serve LA in the West Side

and we're here to help you

with all your real estate

needs as a seller

will help you get your unit

ready for sale and get you the best price

and as a buyer will help

you find the right units.

And again, this is coming in the market

in about two weeks.

So if you're interested

in seeing it before

goes in the market, let me know

otherwise if you're looking to sell.

Give us a call ..

we'd be happy to meet you and walk you

through what we need to do to help

you get your house

ready for market and for sale.

Thanks again, and I'll see you real soon.

Call Christophe Choo at (310) 777-6342 to tour your future home "HERE"

or click "HERE" to estimate your home value.

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