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Thank you all so much for your support to get homeless youth off the streets.

Thank you all so much for your support to get homeless youth off the streets.

By Christophe Choo Posted Nov 26, 2013 In The Press, Latest Updates, Real Estate News, Special Events & Property Promotions, What I'm Reading

I am so thankful everyday and especially this holiday season to have such a supportive circle of friends. My fundraising goal to help get homeless youth off the streets for the Covenant House Sleep Out was $10,000, I never dreamed that I would receive such generosity from you all and to am overjoyed that together we raised $60,925 in donations for this great cause.

If you didn’t get the chance to donate, it is not too late, go to:

Help those without a home this thanksgiving have something to be thankful for.

I wanted to personally thank

Robert Olivas, Colleen Olivas, & The Modern Mortgage Group

The Edelstein Family Foundation

Joyce Kim - Coldwell Banker

Cindy Rios

Maria & Ronald Domont -Domont Jewelry

Aubree Kerrouch

Brett Rockwell

Jenny & Jim Gillespie

Kurt Mccloskey

Wendy Knipp

John Reyes

Marie Buris

Minny Ng - West Coast Escrow

Karen Walker

Leslie Sherman

Craig Shapiro

Deborah Linden

Armando Novelo

Brandy Hart

Jeff Anderson

Melanie Hunt

Katrina & Michael Parks

Michael Collins

Keri Emery

Ilja Bitkov

Susan Sacchi

Ian Macleod

Lisa Dinoto

Mario Vargas

Dina Williams-Partipilo

Kimberlee Pelletier

Sean Goulden

Donna Baker

Jeffrey Steven Nunn

Nobu Hata

Ryan Stewman

Ira Nugroho

Glen Orrell

Leonard Frost

Kim Pham

Sarah Mariveles

Kevin Ward

Lynette Dodds

Cyndi Baltazar

Monica Elise Atherton

Celina Vazquez

Sindy Jones

Kyle Brown

Sylvia Barry

Michael Nielsen

Joan Decker

Michelle Lescout

Elisa Mederos

Alissa Happe Hernandez

Margaret Ward

Gina Bosch

Tammi Tosti

Bryan Pore Towler

Jaime Avilez

Bryce Love

Andrea Geller

Bryce Dolbeer

Lindsay Listanski

Rhonda Lawson

Kathy Seuylemezian

Carol Ann Ling

Sandro Silva

Joan Decker

Gerardo Novelo

Nikki Patnoe

Maria Sanchez

William Bentley II

Jeff Vandermate

I am grateful for all of your generosity & kindness!

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