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Why Stage Your Home? Get more money, sell more quickly and maximize the return on your investment.

I am here to talk with you today about why you should professionally stage your vacant home or even stage your home if you are currently living in the property.

Statistics have proven that staging a home or vacant property will help your property SELL quicker and for a higher price.

Staging a home can help you an average 10-15% higher offers and a 25-30% quicker sale.

Staging will help you breathe life into empty houses and turn cold and drab into warm and inviting.  You are competing with many homes in the market so give yours the competitive edge!

You can increase the number of showings and the length of time buyers will spend viewing your home.  By staging you can create the passion and excitement necessary for a buyer to enjoy that “must have” feeling about their future home and write an offer.

Buyers think empty houses equal desperate seller and low offers.

A Message From Christope Choo

Please click the icons below to view a video presentation of homes staged by Showhomes

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