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The Power of One Piece of Art

The Power of One Piece of Art

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 | Category: Art, ColorDecorating, Design Inspiration, Walls

Most people struggle to find that one piece of furniture or the right throw pillows that are going to help complete their space — without realizing that one single piece of art can do the trick.  House Beautiful recently posted an article showing four different spaces that are dramatically improved by artwork.  Take a look at these four spaces as well as four additional spaces I found that will show you how to transform your space.  Art is of course very personal, so I’ll leave that up to you, but I suggest spending the money on your walls.  It changes the space and often gets people talking if it’s placed in the right spot


art 1

This rather neutral room is quickly brightened with pops of yellow, red and azure


art 2

The bright orange velvet chair is brought to life with its accompanying bright painting


art 3

This entry without art would be exceptionally bland


art 4

This is a nice play on both color and geometrics


hb art 1

While this art is simple it still brings a sense of completion


hb art 2

Big and bold


hb art 3

This art brings the golds, blues and greys full circle


hb art 4

Don’t be afraid to do anything oversize



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