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Moving Out Checklist: Your Four-Week Plan | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

Moving Out Checklist: Your Four-Week Plan | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

Moving Out Checklist: Your Four-Week Plan | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

By Christophe Choo Posted Feb 29, 2016 Shared Recommended Articles

Moving Out Checklist: Your Four-Week Plan

You’re on your way to a new place and you don’t want to forget anything while you’re moving from home A to home B. Whether your move is bringing you to Philadelphia for the first time or you’re simply moving to a new part of town, a checklist will help.

You’re on your way to bigger and better things, or at the very least, you’ve found a new place to call home in Philly, and your move-in date is about a month away. It’s no joke that moving can be stressful and you’ll have a lot of things to do between now and the time you get the keys to your new home. A moving out checklist will help you get everything done and will help you avoid leaving anything out.

One Month To Go

About a month before you plan on moving, you’ll need to start letting people know. File a change of address form with the post office, so that they can forward your mail after you move. If you’re currently renting, you’ll most likely have to give your landlord at least 30 days notice that you plan on leaving.

One month before your move is also an ideal time to contact local moving companies and book their services or to reserve a rental truck if you plan on doing the heavy lifting yourself. You’ll also want to start looking into the price of packing boxes or asking friends or go to your local liquor store for empty cardboard boxes.

Take a long look at your possessions at this point, too. Decide what major pieces of furniture will go with you and what you should sell or donate. You might also want to start paring down the rest of your possessions now, too. Only bring the things you love to your new place. Start packing up items you don’t use very often or won’t need to use for the next few weeks, such as books, out of season clothing, and some kitchen gadgets.

One Week to Go

The week before your move is when you should make sure you’re really checking off everything on your moving out checklist. Cancel or transfer your utilities and home services, such as Internet and cable. Send friends and family an email letting them know of your new address (and your moving date). Make arrangements for a pet or babysitter for moving day, if you need to and haven’t already. Put the finishing touches on packing, making sure to leave a separate box for items you’ll need that first night in your new Philadelphia home.

One Day to Go

Moving day is tomorrow and it still seems like there’s a lot to do. Create a file for all the paperwork you’ll need for the move, such as the contract you have with the moving company, details about the new house, and important contact information. Pack a box that contains your valuables — this will stay with you at all times during the move. Do a final clean and sweep of your old home, before getting a good night’s sleep to get ready for the big day.

Moving Day

When the movers arrive, direct them to where to go and help them load up the truck. If you’re loading on your own, make sure you have plenty of water handy. Once the truck is loaded, do a last walk through of your old home, to make sure everything is cleared out and to look for any damage. Hand the keys to your landlord, if needed, then get ready to head to your new place.

Moving takes a lot out of you, but having a checklist and knowing what to do and when will help you minimize stress and perhaps even enjoy the moving process.

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Source: Moving Out Checklist: Your Four-Week Plan | Philadelphia | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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