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It’s Raining in Los Angeles and Everyone Is PANICKING! LA is a crazy place.

It’s Raining in Los Angeles and Everyone Is PANICKING! LA is a crazy place.

By Christophe Choo Posted Mar 01, 2014


It's Raining in Los Angeles and Everyone Is PANICKING!

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"They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"

That's not only a quote from the iconic Mel Gibson film Braveheart, but it's probably what most people in Los Angeles said to their cars before driving to work this morning. Because sweet merciful crap, it's raining here in L.A. and people are panicking.

But don't worry, the local news is all over this one, you guys. Jimmy Kimmel showed a montage of news stations covering "storm watch," and the results are just as hysterical as the time it was kind of cold in L.A. and the news acted like a polar vortex was upon us.

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Our favorite part of the footage is when the guy in the yellow coat was holding onto himself for dear life, lest the rain wash him away forever. We also love the segment of a reporter basking in the shining sun but insisting that she had been standing in the rain for "several hours" earlier that morning.

"We trust you, and our thoughts are with you and your family," Jimmy mockingly remarked, which is exactly what we were all thinking.

And the Oscars! Oh god, what of the Oscars?! Hollywood's biggest night is just two days away and the rain decided to start now?! If celebs have to walk down a damp red carpet with umbrellas over their heads, there will be so much hell to pay.

A news station called it an "Oscar monsoon," which is very insulting to the areas of the world that actually experience real monsoons.

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The real problem with precipitation in this town isn't the actual rain; it's the people driving in it. We don't understand drivers' inability to function on the roads while it's raining. Of course, you should always be more cautious when the roads are wet, but it's also very dangerous to drive 20 mph under the speed limit and constantly slam on your brakes for no apparent reason!

The LA Times wrote an article about driving in the rain, but don't be fooled by the photos of people dealing with massive flooding and stranded cars…because those photos are not from Los Angeles. They couldn't even find serious photos of the rain in L.A. to include in an article about the rain in L.A.

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What also confuses us is the fact that Los Angeles is filled with people who did not grow up here. We get why people born and raised in SoCal don't know how to handle this weather (it rains like three times a year here), but if you're coming from the East Coast or the Midwest, you are used to this! You have most likely driven through snow and sleet and rain and hail. What are you doing?!

But Los Angeles really needs this rain, as we were experiencing a serious drought. And some parts of Southern California are in danger of mudslides, so that part is no joking matter. But the usual panic over some rain and the nonstop news coverage of these "storms" certainly is a joking matter.

And now the only thing we Angelenos can do is battle through. Just watch the video in this tweet below and remember: we can do this!

We'll let E! social media guru Julia Hays sum up our feelings on rain in L.A.:

Our lives are so hard, you guys.

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