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GEN BLUE Atlanta 2023 Announcement

GEN BLUE Atlanta 2023 Announcement

By Christophe Choo Posted Sep 26, 2023 Latest Updates, Special Events & Property Promotions

🌟🎉 Excited and all geared up for #ColdwellBanker #GenBlueAtlanta2023 🌆🏙️ This marks my 1️⃣2️⃣th Gen Blue Experience and each year just gets better and better! 🔄💖 Nothing beats the incredible networking opportunities 🤝, getting to connect and reunite with the top Coldwell Banker agents from all corners of the world 🌍. The wealth of knowledge 🧠, shared experiences, and growth 🌱 that springs forth from this conference is immeasurable 📏. Every year, I return home 🏡 brimming with fresh insights 💡, innovative ideas 💭, and a reignited passion for real estate! 🏘️ Can't wait to learn 📚, share 👥, and grow 🌳 once again at Coldwell Banker #GenBlue. Atlanta, here I come! 🛫

#CBProud #RealEstate #Networking #Learning #GrowingTogether #LoveRealEstate 💙 #coldwellbankergloballuxury #coldwellbanker #realestate #realtorlife

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