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🏡 March 2024 Luxury Real Estate Market Update & Trends for Malibu, CA 🌟

🏡 March 2024 Luxury Real Estate Market Update & Trends for Malibu, CA 🌟

By Christophe Choo Posted Apr 29, 2024 Latest Updates, Market Activity, Real Estate Advice for Buyers & Sellers, Videos

🏡 March 2024 Luxury Real Estate Market Update & Trends for Malibu, CA 🌟

🔻 Avg Sales Price: $4.51 million, 📉 down 6%

🔼 Avg List Price $9.33 million, 📈 UP 5%

🔼 Properties Sold: 11, 📈 UP 18%

🔼 Days on Market: 105 📆, 📈 UP 13%

🔼 $/Sq FT: $1,570, 📈 UP 11%

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Nestled in the picturesque hills beyond Malibu's famous sandy beaches lies a treasure trove of real estate, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, secluded luxury, and breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline. This March, the hillside homes of Malibu showcased some interesting trends in the luxury real estate market. Let's dive into the latest data and explore why these canyon retreats and vineyard estates continue to captivate the most discerning buyers.

Market Overview

This month, the average sales price in the hills of Malibu was $4.51 million, marking a slight decrease of about 6% from the previous quarter. Despite this dip, the allure of Malibu's hillside remains strong, with the average listing price climbing to $9.33 million, an increase of 5%. This suggests that while prices may fluctuate, the demand for exclusive hillside living is on the rise.

Sales and Market Activity

The Malibu hillside saw a robust number of transactions with 11 properties sold in March, an increase of 18% from the previous period. However, these homes do tend to linger on the market a bit longer, with an average of 105 days before sale, up 13%—a testament to the niche appeal and unique considerations of such luxurious properties.

Pricing Trends

The price per square foot also saw an uptick, reaching $1,570, which is up by 11%. This reflects the premium that buyers are willing to pay for the exceptional views and privacy that Malibu hillside homes offer, from sprawling vineyards to panoramic ocean vistas.

Living in Malibu Hills

Opting for a hillside property in Malibu means embracing a lifestyle that combines rustic charm with opulent living. These homes are not just dwellings but personal retreats that promise tranquility away from the bustling beachfront. With each property offering unique vantage points of the ocean, living here means you can enjoy the Malibu lifestyle of serenity and scenic beauty without needing to be on the water's edge.


For those considering an investment in the Malibu real estate market or contemplating a lifestyle change, the hills of Malibu offer a compelling proposition. With a market that presents both opportunities for value and signs of increasing demand, now might be the perfect time to consider what life could be like in one of Los Angeles's most prestigious enclaves.

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