The Magic of Christmas at Home.

The Magic of Christmas at Home

I travel a lot. I have family in different parts of the country that we visit over the holidays, but to me there is nothing quite like being home for Christmas morning.

As a kid, I can remember waking up early and seeing all the presents under the tree, having the debate in my head whether it was too early to wake up mom and dad. In my house there was something special for breakfast on Christmas morning, like pancakes or some special type of breakfast bread. You got to stay in your pajamas well past noon or until it was time to head out to Grandma’s house.

Now that I have three boys (and another one arriving in April), the magic of being home for Christmas is ten times greater than my own Christmas morning. There’s a flurry of wrapping paper everywhere. The kids are excited to give my wife and me our gifts that they bought for $1 at a boutique at their school. The one thing I could do without is the way the package toys these days and you have to have a drill and Leatherman knife handy in order to break the toys from their packaging prison.

You can have your traditions at home that are tough to do when you’re at someone else’s house. One of ours is my wife makes pumpkin scones and Orange Julius drinks for breakfast. While I love visiting family, there’s still something special about being home for Christmas. It’s a feeling of comfort and warmth that make the holidays so special.

Whether your home has 1, 2 or 15 people in it this Christmas, we at Coldwell Banker wish you all the joy that we experience in our own homes.

What are your Christmas traditions or memories of home? Would love for you to share them in the comments or even pictures of your home on Christmas morning.

The Magic of Christmas at Home.

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